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It's The Little Things

5 Tips to Ease the Morning Routine with Kids

Three kids 10 and under. Two working parents. One crazy, golden retriever. Every day we choose to accept the challenge to get out the door, on time and without screaming at one another. Yes, we are not battling sleep-deprived teenagers … yet. But I have to say our track record is good. My kids have NEVER been...
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6 Ways to Have a Heart-Healthy Family

February is Heart Month and the time of year that we remind parents how important it is to be raising their children in a heart-healthy environment. Research shows that healthy and active parents raise healthy and active children. However, busy parents may consider it to be too difficult to find the time and energy...
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Valentine’s Day Card Concepts for Kids!

Save the sweets for Sweetest Day. This Valentine’s Day, get creative with your kids and explore these great card concepts that are not only inventive, but very healthy (no candy here!). Let that special someone know you care with these fun, surprising valentine options. Kids will love to play with this...
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